Wednesday, December 2, 2009

recipe box Wednesday

Welcome to the December edition of Recipe Box Wednesday!  (for those

new to my blog, this is a weekly feature that originated when I found a

wonderful wooden recipe box at an estate sale this summer.  Each week I

share one of the hand penned gems from the box. )

Time to get some candy made to share with friends and family (and if

anyone has time to try this out, please drop a piece by my house-as I pretty

much live on caffeine and sugar in December).  The following recipe is

presented just as I find it typed on the recipe card:

Never Fail Fudge (very good)

6 oz. can Carnation (we will assume this is condensed milk)

10 marshmallows (we will assume these are the big ones)

2 c. sugar

Mix and boil 6 minutes.

Remove from fire and stir in 1 pkg. choc. chips.

1 Tbsp. butter and nuts if preferred (we will assume we stir this in as well)

Soon as all is well blended pour into buttered tin and cool. (we will assume

this is an 8" square pan)

It's almost like decoding a secret mystery recipe!  I am guessing your

chances of this 'never failing' relate directly to whether or not you can

decipher the instructions.  I am seeing lots of options for mixing this one

up, depending on what kind of chocolate chips and nuts you use, and if

throw in some dried fruit you could have quite a creation!

And while we are talking holiday cooking, what is your favorite treat to

make and share in December?


  1. favorite. Love these Recipe Box Wednesday posts. Be sure to keep up your caffeine intake today!

  2. I am going to have to try this. I think I'll use the peanut butter/chocolate swirl chips.!

  3. Fudge is something I try to make every year, it was my Grandma Lucy's favorite. I usually always make tiny ginger snaps and roll out the dough for sugar cookies, complete with different colored frosting and sprinkles. The kids love doing this and it's much better now that they're big! :o) It used to be a bit stressful!


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