Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ho ho ho

Today I will take a few minutes to pass along some fun gift ideas, in case

you aren't done shopping and have some holes in your gift list:

Netflix gift certificates (if they are already signed up, they can just add it

to their account), and you can order right on their website.

Movie Fun  Great for a family, grab a movie or two (this year I would

definitely include "Up"), some movie boxes of candy, microwave popcorn

and popcorn boxes (they have them on an endcap at Target!), and a six

pack of some fun bottled pop, put them all in a basket or metal bucket or

gift bag, and happiness all around!

For your favorite Chef - definitely the Julia Basket.  Include the movie

"Julie and Julia", a bottle of wine and perhaps a kitchen utensil, a pound of

butter, and give them some copies of your favorite recipes.  If you want to

go crazy you could add either of the books that the moive is based on.

Another fun idea for your favorite chef - gift certificates for cooking


Hobby gift cards.  Whether they like to read, or bead, or sew, or garden,

work on motorcycles or build models, gift cards to their favorite go-to shops

for supplies are always a favored gift!  And they will know that you are

really thinking of them, and what they love.

Happy Gifting!

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  1. Great post! Really tuning in to someone is the important thing and gift baskets are a perfect idea. I really need to see Julie & Julia! Aaacckk! You've got me thinking here... my mother-in-law is an avid gardner... perhaps a gift basket with a new trowel, some seed packets, gardening gloves... the possibilities are endless!! Thanks!


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