Thursday, December 17, 2009

talk about a wish list

I found the most wonderful idea today, that I have talked to Mike

and Charlie about at dinner this evening.

We have a few magazines in our house.  And plenty of gift wrapping


Here is the idea: 

You think of those you love, and what you would give them if

 money, time, space, etc. were no concern.

And then you find pictures of those items, (magazines, internet, draw it

yourself!) and you wrap them.  On Christmas Eve, you  spend your

time opening the presents that your loved ones would give you, if they



Mike is getting his dream motorcycle, and Charlie is going to live with

Travis Pastrana for a month, maybe a year!  And then I am sending Mike to

Europe, to do a World War II tour of every site he is interested in.  And

Charlie is getting a season pass to his favorite ski hill.  And I am sending

Mike on a worldwide motorycyle tour with Ewan McGregor.  And Charlie

is going to get locked into a Best Buy for a night, and he can try all of the

cell phones, play all of the video games, watch any movie he wants on a

giant TV, play the guitars and the keyboards and the drum sets.  And Mike

will get to go on a shopping spree at the biggest bookstore I can find, and

take home anything he wants.

Can't wait to see what they come up with for me!


Thanks for stopping by!


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