Monday, December 14, 2009

a topless Christmas

Did THAT grab your attention?

Yes, Charlie has become quite interested in the Victoria's Secret catalog and holiday commercials, but really, this has nothing to do with the female figure (in all of its wonder and glory).

As you know, I am all about a bargain.  Contrarily, I like to have nice things.  The two sometimes don't go together.

We made our annual trek to our favorite tree farm yesterday afternoon.  It was a perfect weather day, sunshine and warm enough so that our toes wouldn't fall off.  They have a lovely spot in Lake Elmo, acres of gorgeous trees that march up a hill, a lovely little pond behind the barn and house.  It's a family run operation, and we have gotten to know them through the years.  So kind, so hardworking, and gorgeous trees.  You can cut your own (they provide the sleds and saws) or choose from those they have already harvested.  There is always a nice fire going, to warm your hands, and hot cider in the adorable warming house.

I have become a fan of the Frasier Fir.  Perfect stout needles, yet soft to the touch.  A lovely color, pleasing aroma that lasts for weeks, and holds it's needles well.  Unfortunately, a pricier type.  So we walked the rows of trees, and noted that the Frasier Firs were well out of our budget this year.

And then, I happened upon a tree that didn't look like the others.  I noted the price tag, half of what it's neighbor was priced at.  And in writing, on the tag, it said "Broken Top".  Somehow this poor tree had lost it's top, and was therefore half the price it would have been.

Feeling sorry for the poor tree, and loving that I COULD have a Frasier Fir that now fit into my budget, I promptly claimed it.  The kind staff put it in their shaking machine (what a hoot, it dislodges all of the snow and dry needles), bundled it in cheerful red netting, and placed it in the bed of our truck.

It is much fatterr than a tree we normally get (we really don't have room for a fat tree, it means putting furniture away), but this poor tree needed a home.  And now we can proudly proclaim we are having a topless Christmas this year.  I will post photos once we get it in the house, so you can see how I handle a tree with no top to put the star on.

Who says you can't have it all?

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