Thursday, December 31, 2009

scenes from a year

Today is the day to reflect back on the days of 2009, and what it meant in

the Pohl household.

Charlie did a lot of growing up this year, some of it painful.  He survived

his first full week away at scout camp (mostly).  He left the comfort of

Horace Mann, to attend a new school with new faces and teachers.  He

went from begging to get out of dirt bike events, to absolutely loving the

sport and begging to get out and ride.  He moved on to a new bmx bike,

and then a new dirt bike, and spends his free time riding dirt bikes on his

Xbox, and watching Travis Pastrana perform impossible stunts. 

Remember Charlie, don't try this at home...

Mike did his fair share of riding as well, finishing up the year 3rd in his

class.  He also took a fair amount of photos, and is right now working

on this year's movie for his club.  He was even published in Cycle

magazine! (and may I say, gets better looking every year....)

He enjoyed some out of season riding down in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and

with ice tires installed is going to try some snow riding this winter. 

Speaking of winter, he and Charlie got in some skiing last year, most

notably during our spring break trip to Lutsen.  He will be chaperoning

when our school's ski club starts up in January.

The whole family rocked out with Springsteen, scoring our favorite

seats behind the stage.  Definitely a highlight!

Our store had it's share of ups and downs last year, ending with

disappointing results.  But it simply gives us a new challenge for the new

year, and having been down this road before, Mike and I are ready to

tackle it again.  On a  bright note, TLC filmed the MOA security guys

having a competition at our store last week, look for it to (hopefully)

be on an episode of Mall Cops: MOA, this spring.  Stay tuned!

I found a physical therapist to help me with my back, and for the first

time  in 3 years I am able to manage my pain, and even do some things

I haven't been able to do in a while.  Definitely the highlight of my year.

Well, that and finding the perfect haircut....(thanks Kim!)

My sweet sis moved in to her brand new home, lovingly built by my brother,

dad, and nephew.  She and her son Riley are on the brink of a wonderful

new year, and a new life.

My mom provided a home and place for my sister to be safe during the

nightmare of her divorce, and helped her paint her new home and get

settled in.  And brings over warm cookies.

My dad had a health scare in the spring, but he made it through and is

back  to making the world's best onion rings, and spending his days fishing

through a tiny hole on the frozen lake.  Save a blue racer for me!

The rest of our families are thankfully healthy and ready for 2010.  (Even

though we are lacking any new photos of them this year!)

Thank you to all of my blog readers, who have hung in there this year

through it all.  Who knows what 2010 will bring!  Rest assured, I stand

ready to document it all.


  1. Happy New Year sweet friend. I love you.
    xoxo, t

  2. This is a great recap of the year. I love the photos! Happy New Year dear cousin! It's my great pleasure that we've reconnected.


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