Tuesday, December 15, 2009

time flies, part XI

Charlie lost three teeth this morning before he left for school. (the

homemade caramel he snuck before breakfast may have helped move the

loose teeth along...)

I had completely forgotten that children lose all of their baby teeth (even

their molars) and when he lost his first one several years ago I mildly

panicked. But now I am quite used to it.  And since he no longer BELIEVES

IN ANYTHING MAGICAL he won't be getting anything from the tooth fairy

under his pillow tonight.

Another example of his newfound cynicism, evidenced on our annual

December trip to Stillwater:

Just a few years ago, he would have given the doughboy a hug.  sigh.


  1. OMG you need to frame that picture! I love it!!!!
    xoxo, t

  2. The pic cracks me up, but... kids growing up and moving out of those fun stages... not so sure I'm liking that. No more tooth fairy? Sigh...


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