Thursday, December 17, 2009

media alert

Tune in to KARE 11 on Friday morning at 10 am for "Showcase Minnesota".

And sometime during that hour, you will spot my hubby telling everyone

about A.C.E.S.  We have been invited to fill six minutes of their show, and

since I refuse any on-camera appearances, Mike will be the one.

He has had previous TV experience, as through the years we have had a

little media attention.  It is the best free advertising we can get-and this

year, needed more than ever.

We have been advertising on KARE 11 for the last five years, and I can't say

enough about how wonderful they are to work with.  We have used other

television stations to advertise (and spent a lot of money in the process),

but we always stick with KARE 11, as they literally go out of their way to

help insure the sucess of their customers. 

It was KARE 11, who did a Saturday morning story about us, in December

of 2002, where Frank Vascillero and Belinda Jensen came to our store and

had a dogfight.  Once the segment was over, our phone literally rang off the

hook, orders came flying in over the internet, and we ended up having

what was, at that point in time, our most successful year ever.  And we

weren't even using TV advertising back then, they were simply interested

in getting our story out there.

Eric "Perk" Perkins did one of his Tuesday night segments at our store in

December a couple of years ago, again getting us some exposure that was

invaluable.  And helped pay the bills.

Every contact we have had with them has been completely professional,

and can I say it?  Caring.  Literally.  From our sales reps, to the camera

crews, to the person at the front desk, they are all top notch.  And the on

air talent is pretty amazing too.  Who is your favorite KARE personality?

So tune in Friday morning if you can, to see what Mike has to say.  I will be

 watching from the wings (hey, I may not want to be on tv, but I am very

interested in the process...)  And I was a buyer at Target back when Corbin

Seitz (one of the hosts) was Target's Trend guru, I remember sitting in

meetings with her (not that she will remember me, but hey, it's only one

degree of separation!)

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  1. I will plan to catch him this morning. I LOVE Kare11. I have to say I am a Belinda fan just cuz I know we would be BFF's if I ever met her dontchaknow.


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