Monday, June 8, 2009

time flies, grade school goodbye

Charlie is ending his years at his elementary school today (the last day is actually tomorrow, but they are spending it at Valleyfair all day, so today feels more like his last day). He rode the bus most every day, and I thank all of the drivers who delivered him safely. (His first day of first grade, ready to roll.) (His kindergarten music program, still a highlight of his years there.) (On our way to the Halloween party).

I brought him to school this morning, and stopped in to say goodbye to his teachers. It was a bittersweet time, as we know we are doing the right thing sending him to a new school for sixth grade, but we have built up many memories in the last six years at Horace Mann.
Most years, I volunteered in his classrooms, and at many school activitities, so I really got to know everyone there quite well. It felt like one big family, and some of his teachers became very good friends to me. I treasure the kindness and guidance they gave Charlie through the years.He learned to care, to lead, and to share. He played at the carnival, had fun at the Halloween parties, and loved Margie's lunches. He made very good friends along the way, and took wonderful field trips to experience all that the Twin Cities have to offer. (He even got to escort Marian Gaborik at a hockey banquet!) Horace Mann is our neighborhood school, and in St. Paul you have multiple choices when it comes to sending your child off to elementary school. We couldn't be happier with the great start that Charlie received to his education, and our proud to see our tax dollars being invested wisely. He is off to a charter school for sixth grade, we found a really good fit for him for his middle school years, and since it starts in sixth grade we made the decision to send him now, rather than wait for seventh grade. It is a very highly regarded school, with an amazing track record, and we know he will really shine there.
A huge thank you to everyone at Horace Mann, who touched Charlie through the years, and helped shape the young man he is today.

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  1. Great photos! The end of a very important chapter. Sigh...


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