Friday, June 12, 2009

me time

Mike and Charlie are leaving for the north country this morning, Charlie has his second enduro of the year in Akeley on Saturday, while Mike competes on Sunday. They will stay with Mike's parents in Bemidji, as it is close enough to the race that they won't need to camp out this time.

Charlie is having second thoughts about this whole enduro business. It is a really tough competition, and he is starting to remember what it felt like to run it. I think if we can just get him through these first couple of events, he will grow to love it.

This is when it's tough to be a parent, do you push them, or let them quit? We think he needs to at least give it a reasonable try. And if he really hates it, then we go from there.

So while they head off for dirt, woodticks, and fun (?), I will hold down the fort here. And water the yard, and pet Claude. And sew, and read, and have fun with friends, and watch old movies until the wee hours of the morning, and make jewelry. I solemnly promise not to clean or organize one single item in my house. Cross my heart.

I hope all of you have a glorious summer weekend too! (even though it is still officially the calendar.)

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  1. Sounds girls are being picked up on Saturday after lunch until late Sunday morning...I would love to see you WITHOUT MY KIDS FOR ONCE if you are so able.


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