Wednesday, June 10, 2009

summer vacation, day 1

8am: Parents sleep in, it's raining out.
8:30 am: Child emerges from bedroom, looks for his xbox controller.
8:31 am: Parents gently remind child that there are summer rules, number one being that the bedroom must be cleaned up before the xbox or tv are fired up.

8:32 am: First annoyed look of summer shot at parents, followed by shuffling off to bedroom.

8:45 am: First mention of need for cell phone by child (for today...)

10 am: Child looks for something to eat for breakfast. Did the pantry magically change overnight?

10:01 am: This reminds mom that she now needs to have lunch items on hand, every day, not

just the weekends. Criminy.

Really, we are darn glad to have him home. Maybe I can get him to vacuum or scrub the toilet.

(sorry for the wacky alignment and crummy photo, posting pics from Picassa really tends to mess things up, and I am not technically bright enough to figure it out...)

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  1. Seriously, can we move to where they have year-round school.

  2. I sooo get your adjustment period to kids being home from school. Yes, lunch is now at home every day and not just the weekends. Less quiet time for yourself, more monitering how long they spend on video games or tv. But once adjusted... it's nice to have them home. :o)


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