Thursday, June 25, 2009

dirt bike Mike

Meet the new leader of the Senior B Class:

After this last weekend's race in Stone Lake, Wisconsin, my hubby is now on the top of the heap. He advanced to the B class last year, after winning the whole C class the year before.

His goal is to be an A class rider by the time he is 50, and the way he is going, he will easily accomplish that. (unless he gets injured, but we aren't going to think about that)

This doesn't just happen, he is totally focused on his goal. He works out daily, either at the gym, or riding his bike, or often both. Tuesday he dressed in mulitple layers of clothes and headed out on his bike in the heat and humidity. I said "aren't you going to get a little hot?" He told me that was the idea, if he trains with lots of clothes on in the heat, then he will be able to handle riding in the heat, in the woods, with all of his gear on. He is always working on his bike, fine tuning it, making sure it will do what it needs to.

I still think he's crazy.

But I will support him 100%. (Unless it involves trudging through the woods, or sleeping in a tent with him. I draw the line there.) But I am happy to have a nice clean, cool house for him to return to at the end of a long, tiring weekend. So maybe that is more like supporting him 98%. And I make him wash his own smelly dirt bike clothes, so that it probably more like 95%...

And I am really glad there are women like Deb Maki, who travel with their dirt biking families, and take great pictures. (thanks Deb!) And Sue Neinow, who helps Mike at gas stops, and feeds him at the end of the race. You are far better dirt bike wives than me.

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