Monday, June 22, 2009

good finds

June has been good for yard sale finds-I haven't been to many but have found a few really wonderful things (everything you see here cost me less than $35 in total):

First up, some lovely antique hankerchiefs (I collect them for my grandmother, who still uses them) and some vintage jewelry, that I may use as is, or take apart to create new beauties:
Next, some glass oil lamps (I love to use them once fall arrives, they give off such a great glow) and sandbakkel tins, and a fun print :
A really wonderful purchase, these aprons were handmade in the 1950's by someone's grandmother-they are hand embroidered and treadle machine sewn. Love the details! And she never used a pattern. I made myself stop at six.
A vintage Scrabble game, a road atlas from 1960, and a glass Thermos (the plaid is my favorite!)
But my favorite find? This Smith Corona typewriter ,in it's case, still in nearly new condition.
I had one similar to it that I brought to college with me, it served me well, and also helped me earn money typing research papers for people. Why I ever sold it, in a rummage sale years ago, is beyond me. But now I have one again, and Charlie is quite intrigued with it. "But mom, how do you fix your mistakes????"

(I apologize for the crummy pictures, Mike wasn't around to help me figure out what was wrong with my settings, and if I can't point and shoot, then I am lost. Really need to take a class someday...)


  1. OMG I love those aprons!!!!!!

  2. Okay, the aprons... you are really reminding me of Grandma Betty now. The Smith Corona type writer... I had one of those in college too and I'm a bit jealous of that find. Kind of reminding me of the movie Misery (starring Kathy Bates and James Caan). Very good show if a bit creepy. And, I agree with Charlie... how do you fix your mistakes? We have come a long way baby. :o)

  3. And just had your very own "boy" to carry home your typewriter find!


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