Tuesday, June 2, 2009

kids these days

Yesterday was Richard Silverman-King day in St. Paul, Minnesota. The mayor said so-he sent Councilman Pat Harris to proclaim it. The plaque he brought said so too. There were two TV stations there filming it, and the Pioneer Press.
So what's all the fuss?In March of 2008, Richard and his fellow Cub Scout troop had been working on their Readyman pin with the Boy Scouts of Troop 90. As part of their first aid training, they learned the Heimlich manuever.

Two days later, Richard was in his class at school and noticed his friend acting strangely. He was clutching his throat, and his face was purple. He lurched from his desk, and threw his back against a wall. Their teacher was frozen in place. Richard jumped up and performed the Heimlich manuever, dislodging the cough drop that was choking his friend, and saved his life.

Not bad for a nine year old.
How many of us, in the same situation, would act so calmly? Or would we be like that teacher, frozen in place? The best part is that all of the scouts in that room would probably have done the same thing.

A representative from the National Boy Scouts of America was at our Court of Honor last evening, to present Richard with the Medal of Merit award, very few of which are awarded each year.

The Court of Honor is held each spring for the scout troop, to celebrate their achievements through the year. Charlie and his fellow Boy Scouts are a very accomplished group, and several of them are well on their way to becoming Eagle Scouts.

Kids these days, indeed.

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