Monday, February 23, 2009

weekend tidbits

Glimpses of the everyday:

* Sharing the fun of jewelry making with enthusiastic friends.

* Rocking out with other moms to Guitar Hero, and enjoying each other's company for one fun night. Who knew appletinis were so tasty? Thanks Kate, you really know how to find the perfect bartender.

* Welcoming a tired hubby home from a warm weather dirt bike trip.

* Watching Charlie help out at a fundraiser, and being so proud of his maturity.

* Realizing I never had time to clean the house, now I HAVE to.

* Resolving to stay away from the grocery store on Sundays.

* Wondering how long I can ignore cleaning out the fridge before the haz mat team steps in.

* Thankful for great friends, especially when it snows!

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