Saturday, February 21, 2009

R I P my favorite mags

There have been a couple of little deaths in my family lately-my magazine family.

I am a magazine freak, and they bring my great joy. I clip recipes, decorating ideas, garden plans, crafts I plan to make, pictures I like, stories I enjoy.

At the beginning of the year, I was told that Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion was no longer going to be published. I was crushed. That one was such an inspiration, I couldn't even cut it apart. I have several years worth of whole issues-which I will never part with now.

"Simple Scrapbooks" is ending their magazine - I subscribe for the inspiration, and had just given a subscription as a Christmas present. One of the women who worked for them is based here in St. Paul, now she is out of a job.

Today, I found out that "Country Home" is done as well. They had sponsored the Junk Market that I went to in September, and even gave us a year's subscription to the magazine in our goodie bag. And now the March issue will be their last. I am SO disappointed.

I realize every company is making business decisions these days that they feel make sense. What I am afraid of, is that they are starting to make knee jerk reactions without fully investigating their options. I know many people would have been happy to pay more for this magazine, if they knew the option was to pay more, or have it go away.

Okay, I know, I am making a big deal about a magazine. But it was a REALLY GOOD magazine, and all of the comments I have been reading on-line show it had a huge following.

Although now I will have more time to actually do and make the things I have already clipped out of my years worth of reading material....

Always a silver lining!

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