Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the joy of televsion

While my husband would disagree with me, and finds the programs that I enjoy a pointless waste of my time-the following programs are making me happy during this never-ending winter:

Life - NBC
Bones - Fox (I had been reading Reichs before the series started, love the cop)
Lie to Me - TNT (hoping I will be able to recognize when Charlie tells a whopper)
The Closer - TNT (new season just started last night-Kyra Sedgwick is wonderful, and Amy Sedaris has a guest spot next week!)
House - Fox (I find Vicodin makes me more cheerful, so he must just naturally be crabby, in the extreme)
Saving Grace - TNT (new season starts in a few weeks-rather raw at times, but how can you not love Holly Hunter?)
Fringe - Fox (I know, sci fi is not my thing, but I really like the characters)
Trust Me - TNT (I have a thing for Tom Cavanagh)
Medium - NBC (it's back!)

And while my enjoyment of Grays, DH, and Brothers and Sisters has waned, they are still on my DVDR, and I can watch if I feel the need for some late night soap operas.

And yes, I am very sad that ER is ending, I have never missed an episode. Who was YOUR favorite character through the years? (besides Clooney...)

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  1. Eriq La Salle aka Dr. Benton..I always had a big crush on him...


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