Friday, February 13, 2009

not yet ready for the swimsuit issue

Regular readers of my blog will know that my son has become obsessed with sports. So naturally, we started subscribing to Sports Illustrated (just another of our school's endless fundraisers) a short time ago. Charlie reads the sports section in the newspaper each morning, and I am inclined to do anything that will encourage him to read more.

The swimsuit edition arrived yesterday. Here is a peek at the conversation that ensued: (we looked at it together, as I had personally never looked at one, and I thought he might have questions, and I wanted to censor it, if possible):

"Where is the SPORTS? This is supposed to be about SPORTS!" (I guess the artfully draped bikini clad Danica Patrick didn't quite qualify).

"They aren't even wearing the right size-they're popping out all over!"

"Is that a necklace, or a swimsuit?"

"There is NO WAY they painted their bodies, it must be photoshopped."

"Hey, those are really nice shoes!" (tennis shoe ad).

"Why did she roll around in the sand?"

"Look at those burgers! Can we get one?" (an Arby's ad)

Overall, he was not impressed. If anything, he was a little disgusted. He said we could just put it in the recycling. I told him perhaps he might want to leave it out so his dad could look at it. (with look of disgust on his face) "Why would he want to do THAT?"

Why, indeed?


  1. Yes, like Mike tape the pictures to the ceiling above the bed.

  2. I forwarded this post to my co-worker who has been hiding the swimsuit issue from her now 16 year old for years. She laughed just as much as I did!

  3. Oh, what I have to look forward to. Why would she want to roll in the sand???

    Thanks for sharing...the treats too.



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