Tuesday, February 24, 2009

do I have a twin?

Coupon clutched in hand, I was browsing the craft shelves at Barnes and Noble and came across this lovely:I am quite sure that we were separated at birth, and she was bundled off to merry old England, while I, the least desirable of the twins, was left in a small town in the remote northlands of Minnesota.

She loves to cook, and knit, and sew, and read, and play with flowers, and make things. And take pictures of all of them. She loves red wine, and chocolate, and I am so glad she wrote this book, so I won't have to. (Find the details on the side under "New to My Nightstand". Although this one follows me around the house, so I can always pick it up when I have a spare moment.)

It is the book that is going to help me survive winter without running through the neighborhood in my swimsuit cover up and flip flops the next time it snows.

UNRELATED NEWS FLASH: Frank Vascellero is doing a story on the sims we built for Cleveland Middle School tonight during their 10 pm broadcast, he even came out and interviewed Mike for the story at ACES yesterday! Stay tuned...


  1. That book sounds amazing! Frank is channel 4, yes?

  2. But does she follow the Fug Girls! :)


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