Tuesday, February 17, 2009

running away from home

Well, just my office.

February is always really hard for me, (I know, boo hoo, yada yada) but being cooped up in my house every day working on tax prep gets REALLY OLD after a while. We have a small house, and each day of winter the walls move in just a little more. When the claustrophobia becomes too much (or I have just spent a 3 day weekend in my house with my guys) I need to run away, even if just for part of the day.

So having hit critical mass on the claustrophobic end of the scale, I have decided today is a Como day. After some quick errands, I am going to bring my camera and a book and go soak up all of the greens and smells at the Conservatory.

I promise to share pics tomorrow. And then I will get back to work. Much more diligently, and with a smile on my face.

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