Thursday, September 4, 2008

time flies, part VII

Cicadas droning in the air. The smell of cedar as it drops it's buds everywhere. The sound of crickets, even during the day. The cows and pigs and horses are back in their barns after their run at the fair. The rides are packed up and loaded into pieces on big trucks. The neighborhood pool is closed for the season.

Must be time to go back to school!

Charlie, heading out for the first day of 1st grade (note the enthusiasm):
Charlie, appalled that his parents still want a first day of school picture in 5th grade (but willing to go along with them...):

Charlie, happily skipping off to the bus for first grade:Charlie, plodding to the bus stop under the weight of his ginormous backpack, to fifth grade:(secretly wishing he was still sitting on the couch in his pajamas, playing video games).

Charlie's childhood, flying by us as swiftly as the school buses drive by our house:

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