Thursday, September 11, 2008

it's not junk...'s treasure!

Oh what a glorious day to buy used things!

We left while it was still dark-which always adds more excitement to any adventure. With advanced sale tickets in hand, we proudly claimed our Swag Bags for being one of the first customers to arrive. We paid extra to get in early, the normal hours didn't start until 9, so we had two hours to shop before it got really crowded. And it was worth every penny!
Here are my finds: little things that struck my fancy that will be used to make other things (yes, those are metal permanent rod holders!)
Halloween things (the orange match holder is actually going to be transformed into an outlet cover in my kitchen, I will have to post the how-tos at a later date):

The black wooden thing is actually used to darn socks, which I do so often. No, really, it is going to be some kind of Halloween thingy yet to be determined. Loved the Midnight flash card, and the BOO is from an anagram game!

Another flash card, that will either be used as a mat for a picture of my mom, or a gift tag to use when I give her the bracelet for Christmas. Yes, actually made from old typewriter keys.

It says "LOVE YA". Shhh! Don't tell!

Who doesn't need an old cutting board shaped like a slice of bread? I just loved the feel of the wood and the shape of the bowl and antique weaving shuttle. The spelling card will be used to make a collage that includes the picture on my blog's sidebar of my grandma with her birthday cake.

This is all in theory of course, when I actually find the time to do all of these projects. But for now the plans certainly help justify my purchases.

I even made a business purchase, this old organizer will be perfect to gather all of my envelopes, holders, brochures, and gift cards for the store.There were items that we ran across that the three of us knew were just too good to pass up, and we took turns buying them. This one was my turn. Joanne got a really cool revolving stamp holder, and Kari got a whole mason jar full of old alphabet rubber stamps.

Happy shoppers! It was so fun to share this day with them.

But my favorite find, and the thing that made the whole trip worthwhile, was this card catalog.

I have been wanting one for years, and this one was in gorgeous orginal condition, and just the right size. I even bargained for it, so I felt good about what I paid. Also in the photo, you can see a beautiful mohair throw I found for a song, an amazingly wonderful pumpkin (yes, it's real), some keys, and some bittersweet to begin my fall decorating.

Because now I am definitely in the mood.

Hugs to my dear friends Kari and Joanne for sharing this fun day with me ! Next time we will wear our bed jackets and aprons...


  1. ACK - how fun! Amazing stuff! You are so creative!

  2. I've been looking at old posts of yours (because of the LinkWithin) and LOVE all your finds in this one! That card catalog is gorgeous! Are you using it?? I hope so! You are so creative, I love it!


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