Monday, September 8, 2008

Food Favorites: St. Paul

In the interest of helping those of you who may be looking for the best food that St. Paul has to offer, here are some of my favorites:

Eggs Benedict at Bon Vie. perfect hollandaise. enough said.

Sweet Potato Fries at Highland Grill. oh yum. Pretty much anything else they make is great too.

Penne Rosa at Noodles and Company. our favorite "we are hungry and don't want to cook" restaurant.

Ham/Brie/Pear Panini at La Patisserie, followed by something delightful for dessert, of course.

Mushroom Swiss Burger at the Nook. oodles of fat calories for your dining pleasure.

Spring Rolls from a vendor at the St. Paul Farmer's Market.

Wine & cheese on the patio at WA Frost. it's the setting that matters.

Risotto at La Grolla. you will moan with pleasure.

Anything at Carmello's, our favorite locally owned Italian place.

Breakfast at the Neighborhood Cafe. Good service, good food, and not usually a long wait.

And one non-St. Paul place, Sea Salt over in Minnehaha Park. It takes forever to order your food, and it takes forever to get your food, but somehow, that is okay. The Fish Basket is so yummy with a cold beer and sitting on the patio. Only if you have lots of time to kill.

Guess all of my visits to the State Fair really got my tastebuds going. Think I better have a nice healthy bowl of cereal and get over it!

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