Saturday, September 6, 2008

September Saturdays

Life has a renewed rhythm to it now. The crispness of the air brings the sense that fall is on it's way, and like the squirrels scurrying around, there are things to be done.

Mike is working away on the sim order-when you have a big order like this it doesn't matter what day of the week it is, things need to get done! I am glad he has good weather for it, and not the hot, sweaty stuff we had last weekend. I now give you the manufacturing side of ACES :
Mike even dresses well for a manufacturer. I think the Duluth Pack industrial strength apron is what I love the most. Rugged, yet tidy, all at the same time.
And here is the nice storage facility we are using (thank goodness I have no outdoor parties planned, on the other hand, perhaps I could turn them into some sort of buffet):
Charlie started his day on the couch, plotting his day outdoors. Would it be a simulated battle? What gun would he imagine he was using? Being the first weekend of school, he isn't overwhelmed with homework yet.
I headed out early to some garage sales, here are my finds of the day. I spent a total of $2.25 for things that I am quite certain I will need some day:
I hope to find time today to sit outside with my cookbooks and figure out what to cook next week. I love that it is a little cooler and we can choose from soups and stews to warm our tummies at night.
Perhaps it should be something with tomatoes, since they continue to multiply in the garden:
Maybe tonight I can curl up on the sofa and continue sewing some of the primitives I am working on for Halloween. It's so relaxing.
Or maybe I should do some dusting and cleaning. On second thought, it's too nice out to think of house chores today.
I think perhaps some of my favorite magazines are calling me, to head outside and have a cup of coffee. Each one of these feeds a part of me that is hungry today.
Speaking of outside, my garden is looking quite spiffy. Most things seem to enjoy a break from the hot weather:
Claude has already talked me into letting him outside for a bit. He is doing so well, and is nearly back to perfect old-cat health. We are so lucky.
Hoping all of you have a wonderful September Saturday too!

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