Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Everyone needs their own space. To create, or just get away from everybody.

In a small house, it is really hard to carve out a spot of your own. But it is important.
Here is my space, which I just renovated again this weekend. I needed more room to create (instead of using it to store laundry, or gifts to be wrapped...) The theory is that if I have the space I will actually sit down and do the fun stuff that I so long to do. Even if it is just for a few minutes every day.

We have a one and a half story house, as they call it. Here is one end of our bedroom, that I have made my own. (ignore the windows that need painting, I DO have my priorities....)
This is a combination of pieces from Target, Michaels, Ikea, Office Max, and rummage sales:
I found this crate on clearance at Target, and found the wonderful restaurant sugar packet holders at a junk shop (and they fit!):

I have hauled my sewing machine out of the attic, thinking that if it is out I will find time to use it for more than just hemming pants and sewing curtains for every season. And all of those notes on the board? Projects I want to do....

I love my big paper trimmer, it finally has it's very own shelf. And those books are the ones I use most to inspire me. Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, Donna Downey. Amazing ladies!I bought this old printers tray at an antique store in Bemidji several years ago, and modified it to fit my rubber stamps. The magnetic strip was .99 at Ikea, and the jars that fit on it are from there too.And yes, those are jelly beans. Every once in a while a girl gets hungry while she is creating.

This hanging bar was .99 at Ikea, and so were the cute green buckets to hang off of it. The red glass jars were a rummage sale find. It all works!

But my favorite part? This painting that Mike bought me when we were in Duluth. It is a picture of the exact spot he proposed to me, so long ago.

Now that it is all pulled together, I should get up there and quit blogging!

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