Monday, September 1, 2008

fini !

Remember, back on May 14th, when I figured we might get the kitchen done by the time Charlie went back to school?

Guess what happens on Tuesday, and guess what is finally, officially, and in every sense of the word, FINISHED!
It ended up being a really big project, I am quite certain we will never attempt something that large again. But it is done, and we are proud.

And only appropriate that I would show you the final reveal on today, LABOR DAY. (the only thing that makes more sense to do on Labor Day is to have a baby...)

I apologize in advance that the pictures aren't lit better, or true to scale, but hey, I never said I was a professional!

Okay, here we go................

Before (with the exception that our countertops were NEVER empty like that):
After (check out the shiny new sink & faucet, and funky spice rack from Ikea):
In the midst of it all:

And after:

Prior to all of the sweat and swearing:During the enormous pain in the #*&:And after. Look, even my coffee pot has found it's home again:That window area was especially tricky, as we had to custom make-up something that would work in there, and also incorporate a heat vent that was routed up through the floor. Very proud of my hubby for that one.

One last look before:And after:

So there you have it-too bad I no longer have to write a paper "What I Did Last Summer".

And Mike and I are still happily married!

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