Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Nights

Sunday night has had many meanings throughout my 46 years.

When I was young, I loved Sunday night, as it meant that I could go to school the next morning!(I LOVED school in the early years.) And on top of that, we got to watch "The Wonderful World of Disney".

In college, it meant that I better get crackin' on all of the homework I had neglected all weekend.

When I managed a store for Northwest Fabrics and Crafts, Sundays were no different than any other day, as I had to work all the time anyway.

When I worked for Target, I was always dismayed that my very short weekend was over (as I often brought work home with me).

With a school age child, it is always about making sure that everything is ready for Monday morning. (money for lunches? anything to sign? homework finished? clean clothes to wear?)

Charlie has embarked on a new mission this year-when he gets off the bus on Friday, he wants to get his homework done right away, so he doesn't have to deal with it on the weekend.

So tonight, rather than thinking about the fact that it is Sunday night, I am enjoying a glass of wine, and reading a new book I picked up at Barnes and Noble while Charlie was at soccer practice tonight.

Who knew it would take that long to think that Sunday nights can be good?

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