Monday, September 15, 2008

here we go...

Two simulators nearly complete-this week I begin my part and start sewing light shrouds. Mike mostly lives in the garage, his classical music playing while he works away. We did get the second order for the other 3 simulators, so we have four to deliver by Oct. 18th and they would like the last 3 by the end of October!

So now we move into a different mode around here-easy dinners, finding a few minutes of down time when we can, letting all but the basic house chores go until we are finished. It's exciting, but tiring, and in the end, it will be very rewarding. I love that Charlie gets to see our example, of what it takes to get something done, and that you can work for yourself, and not be tied down to a corporate schedule. Wait a minute, we ARE a corporation! Well, maybe a different kind of corporate schedule...

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