Friday, September 19, 2008

take advantage

Fall officially arrives on Monday.

The weather forecast for the weekend is positively summery. Thank you, Mother Nature, for giving us one last chance to celebrate all that we love about warm, sunny days. Based on last weekend's cold, drippy weather, we thought summer had already left us behind.

How can you best take advantage?

1. Go to the drive-in (if you live here in the cities). It starts earlier than it did in July, there are no bugs, and you can curl up with a warm fuzzy blanket if you get chilly.
2. Head to Farmer's Market and buy a bushel of tomatoes and whip up some pasta sauce to throw in the freezer. When you use it in December, the smell will transport you back in time.
3. Pack up a picnic and head to a favorite spot, or scout out a new one.
4. Take a day long drive to Wisconsin and follow the River Road.
5. Sit on your porch, or in your back yard, late into the evening, with a nice glass of wine and a bunch of candles.
6. Head out of the city a bit and find a place to lie on your back and count the stars at night.
7. Make a pitcher of lemonade and eat drippy slices of watermelon.
8. Cut some flowers from your garden (or buy some) and put them in a fun vase in your kitchen.
9. Go for a bike ride and look for leaves that are starting to turn.
10. Hit up the last garage sales of the season-bring lots of change and a cup of coffee to keep in the car.

Mostly, just enjoy these golden, fleeting days!

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