Tuesday, September 23, 2008

economic reality

Times are tough all over. Wall street folks are looking at the mess they have gotten into. People are cutting back, clipping coupons, dialing down their discretionary spending. We have cut back on travel, and dine out less.

ACES is pretty much all about discretionary spending, no one really NEEDS to go fly a flight simulator. We get that. But we still need to pay our rent, and our employees.

Just as farmers often have to change what they do, and adapt to market conditions-we at ACES need to do the same. And our answer to changing economies?

Growing us a bumper crop of simulator parts:

Luckily, we are a diverse company. Not only can you fly with us, we can build you your very own simulator!

While we have built occasional simulators for folks in the past, this is our biggest order so far. And it could not have arrived at a more provident time. In less than one month, Mike will be installing four fully functioning simulators (knock on fiberglass) at a local school, with three more to follow shortly after that.

So here is what Mike's days look like:

I start the sewing part of the operation this week, if we have time to take some unflattering shots of me wrestling with fabric I will be sure to post them.

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  1. I love what you have done to your backyard! Mini-golf anyone?


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