Friday, August 15, 2008

time flies, part VI

Haven't blogged much this summer about time flying in the life my 10 year old, but it hit me smack in the face yesterday. Or rather, my nose.

I had been gone all morning and when I returned Charlie's friend Noah was here to play. Noah has been gone most of the summer with his family on a road trip (view their adventure, here: ) and they were having a blast.

(Welcome home Heiders!)

After lunch, he pulled me aside with a big smile on his face, and a new look in his eye that I had not seen before. "Well mom, something happened to me today. I'm not a kid anymore, I'm a man."

And he lifted his arm, and the aroma wafting from underneath it was definitely not that of a child. "Mom, I'm gonna need some deoderant."

So I went into my personal drugstore stash (hey, you never know) and got him his very own stick. Showed him how to put it on, gave him a hug, and sent him out the door.

He's only 10 ! Okay, I know he is almost 11, and kids bodies are maturing faster these days, but I'M NOT READY. And then last night, he told me that was going to be the last time he would need me to come and hug him before he went to sleep, as "Mom, I'm not a kid anymore". gulp. sob. Where did these nights go?

I fondly remember the sandbox days:
Learning to read:
Footed pajamas, and learning how to cook (old kitchen pic alert):
Now, I suppose if he read my blog, he would be completely embarrassed by the fact that I am even talking about this. But he doesn't, and hey, it's my journal. But if you happen to see him, let's just keep this between ourselves.

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  1. OMG he is getting sooo old! Too funny. Only a guy would make you smell his armpit.


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