Monday, August 4, 2008

North Shore, part deux

Another fine North Shore morning. The sunrise was spectacular, with a nice breeze coming off the lake. We enjoyed breakfast on our deck, along with the morning papers and hot coffee.

In to Two Harbors! Some freshly smoked brown sugar salmon made an excellent snack while we checked out the ship being loaded. The seagulls were hoping for a snack "mine! mine! mine!" but we did not indulge them.

Off to Canal Park in Duluth. There is nothing like seeing a huge ocean-going boat come through the canal.
Unless it's a "Tall Ship" !This was the first one to arrive, and we were lucky enough to be enjoying our lunch on the deck at Grandma's. We had a great view!It was really amazing to see this graceful ship, as if we had stepped back in time. Of course, there was still regular business to conduct through the harbor this day:

I believe this one was loaded with coal. Did you know that transporting by ship is 60 times more energy efficient than shipping by truck? Who says you can't learn anything on my blog...

Wait! What is that, on the horizon?

I think I HAVE stepped back in time....There goes a tug, to take part in the welcoming committee:And many other sailing vessels went out to join the party.

Both piers were packed with people, and they lined the boardwalk. The ship saluted them all with cannon blasts!I secretly kept hoping to see Johnny Depp.After sailing under the lift bridge, they made way through the harbor to their parking spots by the DECC (convention center). We did not join the huge throngs of people who actually toured the ships, we just enjoyed them from afar. From all reports, it was the largest attended event ever held in Duluth. Good for them!

As for us, we left the throngs, and headed back to our peaceful room for some dinner and a swim and a bonfire.

Tomorrow, more Duluth excitement!

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  1. Thanks for posting all the fun times in Duluth and the North Shore. I always tell people Duluth is a great place to be "from". The pictures are stunning. Grand Marais is a place our family spent a fair amount of time visiting, as we also had relatives there. However our time was mostly camping in the wilderness without another soul around. I can taste the smoked fish! I would have loved to have seen the ships in person. I have enjoyed your blogging vacation!


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