Monday, August 25, 2008

how to fit it all in?

Whenever my sis arrives, it does not matter if it is just a weekend, or an extended visit. The minute her car parks outside my house, time speeds up and the clocks move too fast.

It was a whirlwind adventure, and we packed as much fun as we could into each day. Swimming at Cascade Bay as well as Highland Pool, checking out the Star Wars exhibit and all of the fun the Science Museum had to offer, trips to Trader Joes and the Farmer's Market, and of course, topping it all off with the fair. This worn out body of mine couldn't have handled much more!
Since it took several days to make all of these memories, I will need to spread the blogging out over several days too.

My nephew Riley was SO EXCITED to see the Star Wars exhibit. And being true to my nature, we were up and ready and at the Science Museum in plenty of time. Riley and Charlie were the very first people to walk through the doors that day! Sadly, no prizes were given out for punctuality. I keep waiting.
Yoda was happy to see us, as were C3PO and R2D2.
We checked out available men for Heather (not bad, looks like the quiet type...)
Might be a lot to clean up after, but would be nice for all of those heavy lifting projects:
Hey, he could be programmed! But not much good to cuddle up with in January.

So we abandoned that idea, and decided to just focus on having fun with our young men. We learned about light:Studied geography:

Or was it opera?

And rescued the boys from prehistoric beasts:

Nothing like getting a little education to go with your vacation.

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