Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the lazy gardener

Mid-August is when I usually give up on my garden. I don't water as often, or dead head when I need to. I think because everything was so late this year, I have felt more like sticking with it. And other than the big die-off of my 3 big pots of mixed callibrochia, everything seems to have thrived pretty well (except for the flats of annuals that were devoured by rabbits).

Each year I try to remember to take photos, and if I am really ambitious I will write notes, on what worked and what really didn't. I guess now I can just print off this post and add it to the file!
I really played with color this year in my window boxes. I found that Sun Impatiens did far better in the shade, the ones in the sun kicked the bucket almost immediately. hmmmm...
This hot pink callibrochia was the star in the garden, it grew like mad in the Sun window boxes, just okay in the shade. The purple and yellow varieties of the plant were fine, but the hot pink one really exploded. And when my mixed pots kicked the bucket, the pink plants were all that made it.

I am a huge fan of coleus. It comes in so many colors, and you can find plants for both sun and shade. It is tough, and reminds me of my Grandma Ethel, who always had it growing in her garden. She would also pick some and put in mason jars on her little kitchen table. Note to self, keep it in pots, away from the slugs.

I discovered oxalis this year. We had received a deep purple variety at our school plant sale in error-so I thought I would pick some up and try it. It worked as a nice contrast to all that color in my shade window boxes. Then I found this tiny green variety, and I love how it works with begonias. Another type, in shades from deep green to very dark violet, came home with me in a giant pot.I will definitely be using it again next year. It bears tiny little yellow or white flowers that seem to float like fairies over the surface.

Another winner this year were the mixed pots of begonias I picked up from Gertens at our school plant sale.

In the hanging baskets, they tuck in some of this lovely vining plant (sorry, don't recall the name right now) that is a great contrast to the begonias.And they popped some purple Torani (I think, remember, I am a lazy gardener, so I am not sure on the name...) in with the begonias too. Aren't they just gorgeous? And the best part is that they have looked this nice all summer, and have not asked for anything more than a drink of water every now and then. And they don't care if I remember their name.

The lily show is nearly over. They have been starring for several weeks now, but just last night I checked, and there were just a few performances left.

Spectacular, and in need of dividing, so the rest of my garden can enjoy some spotlight time.Maybe this lazy gardener will get to that chore this fall...

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