Wednesday, August 13, 2008

olympic dreams

Adore the Olympics, always have. Charlie and I have been watching it every night, until late. That's okay, he can sleep in.

My favorite part is the individual stories of athletes, and how they got there. Bravery, courage, determination, sacrifice.

The story of Michael Phelps, and his mom, kind of brought me up short. His coach came to his mom when he was 11 years old, and said "Your son could be an Olympic athlete." I can't imagine what you would do with that. Charlie turns 11 in October. What would I say? And unlike Michael Phelps mom, I am not a single parent trying to raise three children.

So this year I watch it with fresh eyes. If there was something that Charlie really excelled at, and wanted to do, now would be the time to get it in gear. I told him that, and he looked at me, with a gleam in his eye, and said, "Well, how about Shooting?"

You won't see that as a featured event at night. Those poor athletes get no respect.But hey, when he won his gold medal, I wouldn't have a camera in my face looking for my reaction. And that would be a good thing. Go for it Charlie!

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