Tuesday, August 5, 2008

North Shore, last one (I promise)

This will be a long one, so unless you have time, you might want to save this for when you are bored. But there will be some lovely photos...

The morning called to us to hike along the shore, not far from our room. We were way on the end, on the right hand side...
I was delighted to discover clumps of Princess Pine along the trail. My family and I used to make wreaths from it at Christmas time. I wish I could imbed the scent of the air as we walked along into my blog, it would really put you there. And the sound of the water lapping the shore.The ruggedness of the coastline just begs to be walked on and explored. It also makes a lovely photo setting:And best of all, the shoreline has pools of water, where tiny tadpoles scamper about. Quick! Hide! I hear gulls approaching!I wonder how many of them make it to frog stage, and how many of them croak? (sorry, couldn't resist that one...)

We headed down to Duluth, saying a fond farewell to the North Shore for this trip. At this point we were talking seriously about a time share, wouldn't it be great to have a place to go to several times a year? By the time we arrived at the citiy border, and reviewed the sales sheet, our enthusiasm for ownership had fled. But it would be nice...

Another Duluth tradition, the Portland Avenue Malt Shop. See how happy we are after having one?

I swear, they have a secret ingredient found nowhere else in dairy land. Time for some retail exploring along the Lakewalk.

Next to Fitgers (up on the deck) is the spot where my dear hubby asked for my hand in marriage-it will be 29 years ago in November! Yes, I said TWENTY NINE years. criminy.

The afternoon was spent exploring the shops along Superior Street-Charlie fired up when he found some GI Joe's at an antique shop-weapons, you know. Then we made a stop at Mike's Aunt Lorraine's. She has a great apartment right on Michigan Avenue, with a panoramic view of the lake, lift bridge, and harbor. Mike's Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary also happened to be in town as well, so we all headed out to Va Bene for some pasta and wine. Charlie was helping Lorraine with her selection:After quick goodbyes, we scooted down to the harbor to claim our spot in line for a harbor tour aboard the Vista King. We love to see all of the activity that goes on in the harbor, if you just visit Canal Park you miss out on all kinds of wonders! Like dredging: The loading of giant wind turbine parts:Like the lighting? I did tell you this was a sunset cruise, right? Here is the Buffalo, casting off after being loaded and ready to head out to the high seas:
I had mentioned the boat tour to our friend Doug and his family, who happened to be camping at Jay Cooke State Park that weekend, and they were along for the ride too! Doug and Mike had dueling cameras going on.

The Buffalo was departing as the fireworks were exploding, it was pretty magical:The Big Finish:Another great ending to a North Shore day.

Our last morning: after a visit to a Farmer's Market, and the Bong Museum in Superior (yes, Charlie liked the guns the best):

Saturday was spent with family. Charlie helped Lorraine make lunch:

And after spending four hours in line, Jim and Mary Pohl were part of the throng to actually tour the Tall Ships:Do you note any resemblance here?I think Charlie got the Hanson nose.

So, a wonderful get-away. But time to get back to the business of flight simulator building, kitchen remodeling, and enjoying the last few weeks of summer vacation before heading back to school.

And a HUGE THANK YOU to Tracy, Eloise, and Esther for taking such good care of Claude. You can find them at www.sellabitmum.blogspot.com. Too adorable for words, so I won't even try!


  1. awww - you made us famous! Your pics r amazing, puts us pretty close to really being there.

  2. Okay, my math sucks...how could it be 29 years ago you were engaged? Weren't you still in high-school?
    xoxo, t


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