Sunday, August 17, 2008

market day

If asked to name one of my ten favorite places in the world, the St. Paul Farmer's Market would definitely be on my list. Especially in August, when the tables are just groaning with the bounty and variety of the gardens and orchards. And I prefer it over the Minneapolis Market, as the St. Paul market only sells locally produced items in season.

I haven't made it to the market as much as I like to this summer, usually it is just Charlie and I on Sunday mornings, and he does not have much enthusiasm for a market trip these days. When he was little, he used to love it. Just another sign of the approaching teenage years, I guess.

Charlie and Mike headed out early to the National Motocross event (just as spectators), so I was able to have a date with myself at the market.

Oh what a wonderful time! Sadly, I couldn't carry a camera AND all of my purchases, but I did take pics when I got home of my selections. Warning: you may get hungry.
I treated myself to a fresh bouquet-just $5.00!I stocked up on scallions, garlic, Walla Walla onions, and shallots. Just perfect for fall cooking.I nearly do a little dance when I see that the apples are out, as I know my favorite orchard will be selling these pears. They are unbelievably yummy.
Nothing tastes better than a fresh carrot, unless it is crisp green beans that have been lightly steamed, buttered, salted, and squirted with a little lemon juice.And then there are the tomatoes! Oh, groan, I love them so. The romas are destined for a batch of Sun Dried Tomato Pasta, while the Big Boys are headed into a bowl of Black Bean Salsa.And you can't leave the Farmer's Market in August without corn. I picked Bicolor-which is my favorite. In a few weeks I will buy extra and freeze it to use in Corn Chowder this fall.

If you have ever had a locally grown cantelope, you know what I mean when I say that the flavor far surpasses any melon you buy at the grocery store. The same is true for raspberries, which are like biting into a juicy little piece of heaven. These are going on top of frozen vanilla yogurt for dessert tonight. And if I can hide some, the rest will go on my cereal in the morning.Baby potatoes, destined to end up in Tuscan Potato Salad, with perhaps some grilled walleye fillets.And lastly, one of my many vices. Bread. I think these will go well with the Sun Dried Tomato Pasta salad (and a nice glass of Old Vin Red).

Told you there was a chance you would get hungry....

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