Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pressing Matters

Just taking a survey today-how many of you iron? As in pressing your clothes?

When I am working from home, my usual attire consists of things that clearly do not need ironing. Sweatshirts, polar fleece, pajamas. Yes, I do occasionally work in my pajamas. I absolutely do get dressed by noon. In case you were worried. Why? Because I can.

Mike actually irons more than I do. He has done all of his own ironing for 20 years. It all started when I pressed a shirt for him, and he complained. An easy redistribution of household tasks took place.

I used to be fanatical about having Charlie look pressed. I will let you in on a little known secret, until just last year, I ironed his clothes every morning before school. Yes, even jeans. Last year it hit me, doesn't matter! So I only do it now if they are REALLY wrinkled. Or he is going to be in a concert. And he doesn't like to look tidy any more. It just doesn't work with the whole I-am-in-4th-grade-now-and-have-long-hair persona. (oooo, big word, hope I spelled it right).

I once had an accident that involved an ironing board, resulting in 23 stitches in my face. Those of you that have known me for a while will know what THAT was all about. For those of you who don't, I will fill you in sometime over a glass of wine.

My mother is still quite fond of ironing, I think it provides an almost zen-like quality to her daily rituals. She has the board set up in the lower level, and likes to watch TV while she does it.

My grandmother, bless her heart is the Queen of the Iron. She still irons her sheets, and I am pretty sure her undergarments. Of course, she still uses a wringer washing machine, and hangs her clothes outside to dry, even in the winter. I am not kidding. And she turned 85 last summer, and has arthritis, and is blind in one eye. And I think Ironing Day is on Tuesdays, since I know for a fact Washing Day is on Mondays. Just like those dishtowels. And she sticks with that schedule, no matter what. Maybe that is how she has survived on her own as long as she has! Perhaps I need a household schedule. Oh, never mind.

But today, I discovered the Princess of the Iron. She even does snowflakes. And irons in her classroom. So the dying art of ironing has not been completely lost. Thank goodness.

But if you want to know, the worlds best Iron is the Rowenta Professional. Money well spent. I guess I do have a little of Grandma Doris in me after all, since I do own, and use, lavender scented ironing spray on my sheets...

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  1. I'll bring the wine(import or domestic?; bottles, box, or can ((yes Australian cans!))?) and my clean wrinkled laundry, while you iron and share the story. I can listen for days.


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