Monday, February 4, 2008

coffee love

It is February, and time to reflect on all of those things that make our lives better.


Don't know how I could start a day without it.

My favorite every-day-first-cup-starter is Starbucks Cafe Verona. mmmmm. Only $6.29 for 12 ounces at SuperTarget. That is two, maybe 3 venti coffees if you buy them at the store. So look at the money I am saving! I have also grown quite fond of Trader Joes Winter Blend. Whole bean, love the smell that drifts up from the grinder as it is whirling around. A little cinnamon, a little nutmeg. Makes the whole house smell good. And about $6 for a one pound can. So just a splash of creamer in my mug, and I automatically have the first smile of the day on my face.

Winter days, the second pot is brewing by 10 pm. If Mike is here, we may even need a third pot in the afternoon-decaf, of course. Our school is doing a year-round fundraiser with a local roaster, I love the Golden Blend. And it's for a good cause! Coffee everywhere.

How did I not drink coffee when I was trying to get pregnant, finally was pregnant? I think I let myself have one cup in the morning. For like, 6 years. And while I was nursing. Criminy. It is as if I am making up for lost time.

So, I switched templates, what do you think? Once I get my tax package done, I am going to get some photos on here, and some other links. Then maybe go public. Why am I such a chicken? I guess once it is public, you have to think more about what you say. Wouldn't want to offend anyone. And there is no way it will be as good as yours! I have to say, when you don't have a new post, I get kind of sad.

I surely do need some more action in my life.

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