Tuesday, February 26, 2008

falling down the rabbit hole

It's a good thing I don't work in a regular environment, where I have a cubicle, and a boss, and co-workers who could pop in my office at any time. Because if they saw what I was doing on my computer a lot of the time, I would get fired for inefficiency.

Oh sure, I start out my work day with the best of intentions. I fire up my laptop, and dutifully get my accounting software up and running. I pull up my spreadsheets and enter sales, and calculate how we are doing for the month. But then, my mind heads elsewhere: I should probably check my gmail, and if I check my gmail, there will be a great link I need to go to, maybe a new recipe. Say, that reminds me, I wonder what coupons are on the SuperTarget website this week? And didn't I send back a Netflix movie, I wonder what is in my queue, and I should probably add that movie I saw on the Academy Awards. Do I have any library books due? I should check my hold list, and add that book I read about in the paper this morning. And I think I need to renew my prescription at the pharmacy, okay, we can check that off too.

Oh, right, I am supposed to be working. So I head back to my profit and loss statement, and while I am working I am listening to my Ipod, which reminds me that I wanted to go to the Itunes store to see if they have that song I heard the other day. Oh look, I have new emails, better see what is up. There is the newsletter from the Scrapbook shop, I should go and print their coupons. They are telling me about this great new book, maybe I should go and check it on Amazon to see if they have a better price. Say, Amazon has some pretty good deals of the day! But wait, if I go back to the library site maybe they have it.

Right, I was reconciling my bank statement. Focus! Have I checked the balance of our personal checking account lately? I should probably do that. Oh look, another email! It's from the school, reminding me about an event. I wonder if Charlie has a homework assignment due for inquiry? I should really check. And see what his lunch balance is.

Lunch! That's right, I was going to check that cooking blog for a recipe for tonight. Which reminds me, I haven't even read all of my favorite blogs today. Maybe I will just do that while I am eating lunch, so I don't waste any time.....

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