Monday, February 11, 2008

book love

Lived a dream this weekend-read an entire book. Whenever I am feeling really overwhelmed, I always think of that day when I will have time to curl up with a good book, and not feel guilty that I should be doing something else. My nasty cold gave me the perfect opportunity to leave the every day and read that book.

It was written by Martha Grimes, one of my favorite mystery writers, who mostly writes a series about a Scotland yard detective. I have read many of them, and they are very well written, with lots of well developed characters. But this is the first in a trilogy of books that she wrote about a 12 year old girl. Emma lives in an old resort hotel which her mother owns and runs, and she is determined to solve a 40 year old mystery of a 12 year old girl who drowned. It was full of lots of atmosphere and intrigue, and wonderful characters. So not only was it the perfect book to read on an extremely cold weekend, I have two more in the series to look forward to!

Books have always been really good friends to me. I used to look forward to going to the Bemidji Public Library-my mom would drop me off on her way to run errands and buy groceries at Red Owl, and I would find a corner of the kids room with my stack of treasures I had found on the shelves. In the summer, I would stash a book in the basket of my bike, and ride somewhere quiet and read as long as I could, before I had to get home to help with dinner.

Going to the library at Lincoln school was my favorite part of my elementary years. I still get a warm feeling when I walk into a library, and know that I am safe, and surrounded by books. My current favorite library is "The Big Red Library" up in Roseville, Charlie has been calling it that since he could talk. We used to go there once a week when he was little-they have a wonderful kids room, and the bonus of a Dunn Bros. coffee shop for mom.

I love technology, and can't believe I have this on-line journal that I am sharing with my friends. I can watch a movie on my laptop, or text my sister on my phone. But holding a book, feeling the rough edges of the pages, and being transported to another time and place, will always be my favorite way to spend those free moments that we all can find in our busy days.

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