Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One Special Person

Do you have a favorite teacher that you still have fond memories of?

Mine was Mrs. Brown, in sixth grade, at Lincoln Elementary. She had blonde hair, and glasses, and nearly always had a smile on her face. At least, that is how I remember her. She really seemed to understand me, and was a good friend to me. I wonder if she is still in Bemidji. I would love to go and knock on her door, and give her a big hug.

Charlie has found his teacher of a lifetime this year. Truly, I cannot imagine anyone who is better for him. She listens, really listens, to her students. She has taught them self-reliance, and respectibility. She is tough when she needs to be, and an excellent hugger when that is called for. She knows, every single day, what each of her students needs, on that day. She gives them work suited for their abilities, while always helping them strive for that next level. She has high expectations, and they love to meet them.

Charlie wasn't feeling well this morning, so I kept him home. By noon he was begging to go in to class, so I brought him in. On the way, he said "Mom, I don't ever want fourth grade to end". Now, he has had some good years at Horace Mann, but he has NEVER loved school so much.

So Amy, thank you for putting your heart and soul into every single day, and for being that one teacher that Charlie will always remember.

And if you have a teacher that you still remember with fondness, track them down, and send them a note. Or stop by and give them a hug. I bet they will remember you, too.

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