Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Food Ties

Thinking today that it is time to make my annual heart shaped sugar cookies. The recipe has been in our family for generations, and it is THE STANDARD recipe for sugar cookies for any occasion. They are always made at Christmas, Valentines Day, sometimes Easter (shaped like eggs, and decorated-oh fer cute!), or anytime you want a little sugar love. I have made them shaped as airplanes for store meetings, and stars for the fourth of July. With all of the work they are, it seems a shame to just make one batch, so I usually double up, then spend a whole afternoon rolling, cutting, baking, and decorating.

They always remind me of my ancestors. My sister calls them Aunt Katie's Cookies, but I honestly don't know who Aunt Katie is. We have been instructed not to share the recipe, as it has a 'secret ingredient' only known to our family. okay.

There are so many foods that I make that are tied to people. When I make Chicken Chili, I think of my friend Karen, who first made it for us several years ago. When I make Mashed Potatoes, I think of Susan Branch. http://www.susanbranch.com/ I always use her recipe, I love her cookbooks, and I actually got to meet her once at a book signing. She was just as I imagined her. Whenever I make Lasagna, I think of my mom, putting it together, and always adding a bit of brown sugar to her sauce, because she heard it was what Italian chefs do.

Waffles remind me of my Grandma Doris. There were rare occasions when she would watch my brother and I, and she always made us waffles for dinner. They were a treat, as my mom didn't have a waffle iron. And it was especially fun to have breakfast for dinner. Pies bring my Grandma Betty to mind. She always sang while she cooked, whether it was pot roast or cherry pie. And she had a beautiful voice, which I think made all of her food taste better. Walleye, or any fish, of course, bring me memories of my dad. From catching it, to cleaning it, to eating it.

I am hoping someday to pull of these wonderful recipes and memories together into one place, but for now I will just keep track of them in this blog. Please share your food memories, if you are so inclined.

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