Wednesday, February 27, 2008

picture day, & one of my quirks

Today is the day to take my pics for the month of February. I posted about this a long time ago, (so if you have already read that one, I apologize. I think it is such a neat idea that I want to make sure everyone knows about it! ) how I had seen this idea called Twelve on the Twelfth. Every month, on the 12th, you take 12 pictures of your day. It can be anything, what you are eating for breakfast, the pile of laundry you are working on, a sunset, the thermometer reading, or your pet. Just things that show a snapshot of your 'day in the life'.

Since I am not that with it, I didn't get around to it in January until the 30th. And since there are only a couple days of Feb. left, I best get to it.

The idea is that you then take those photos to make a scrapbook of a year in your life. Each month could be a page or two, you could use all 12 pictures, or just 1. Totally up to you. And won't it be fun for Charlie to look at, when he is 45? "Yeah, I remember, my dad used to eat the same thing for breakfast EVERY SINGLE MORNING."

There will be no pictures of celebrating a holiday, or any "firsts", or vacations. It will just be about normal, every day, this-is-what-real-life-looks-like stuff.

And the best part is, you get to go out and buy all new supplies to put your scrapbook together.

Now, that could be another whole post. About how I love coming up with new projects, mostly so I can go out and gather all of the things I need. And then I can put them in a cute box, that maybe I will make a little label for, and it will look really good sitting on my shelf. And you never know, I may actually get around to making the project someday.

Here are just a few projects that are currently "in progress" (meaning that I have everything I need to make them, and they are either in a fun basket or in a nicely labeled storage box):

**aprons for my mom and Mike's mom, from a fun vintage pattern

**a scrapbook from our trip to New Mexico (this one is actually together, I just need to finish the journaling)

**a new scarf to go with my purse. I know, I am weird.

**the scrapbook I started to give Mike for our 20th anniversary. Some really cool supplies here. I am thinking maybe it will be done for our 25th? One can dream.

**a felted tote bag. So fun! It is all knit, I just need to sew it together and felt it.

**Charlie's scrapbooks. An on-going project...

**jewelry. I am pretty sure I have enough beads and findings to make every person in Minnesota something. But the Bead Monkey is having a sale this week, and I have a gift card...

**cards. .. birthday cards, thank you cards, sympathy cards. I really love making cards. And buying more supplies to make them.

**socks. I got this wild idea that I need to learn how to knit socks. Mostly because I found a really cool book that was just about....socks.

I won't continue on, because I am starting to get embarrassed. Needless to say, I am never bored, and if I am ever disabled and can't leave my house, I will have plenty to keep me busy. Hey, maybe if I spent less time down the rabbit hole I could actually get some of these projects done!

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