Monday, February 25, 2008

12 phases of a husband's weekend away

1. Husband starts planning dirt bike trip in several months. Think to self: "well that will be fun for him."

2. Husband begins to purchase items needed for trip. A new helmet and several motorcycle parts later, think to self: "hey, he is spending some money here, wonder what I should buy?"

3. Long weekend trip now encompasses leaving on Weds. and returning on Monday, think to self: "geez, that's like, almost a week".

4. Husband starts working on check list for trip, think to self: "oh sure, now I am going to have to deal with the store AND be a single mom". Feel sorry for self.

5. Hubby and friends pack their bikes up 3 days before trip, think to self: "boy, it would sure be nice if I could get away for that long". Feel sorry for self some more.

6. Husband decides what he would like me to cook for his night to feed everyone, think to self: "hey, I won't have to cook dinner for five nights!" Do a little victory dance.

7. Night before trip, listening to husband snore, think to self: "I get the bed to myself for five whole nights!" Do another little victory dance.

8. Husband leaves, I say to Charlie "where should we go for dinner?"

9. The next morning, realize I have to walk Charlie to the bus, and it is really cold out. Curse the fact that hubby got to go somewhere warmer and I did not. Act grumpy.

10. Realize hubby will be gone Academy Award night. He will not be here to complain that I watch "those stupid award shows". Decide to have a party!

11. Hubby and friends are driving 16 hours straight through the night to get home, thinking about them and hoping they don't run in to bad weather. Kind of miss having him to snuggle with. Can't sleep, listening for his key in the door.

12. Hubby crawls in bed at 6 am, so glad to have him home.

And I didn't even do any compensation shopping.

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