Friday, February 15, 2008

cabin fever

It's that time of year again-if you aren't completlely sick of being stuck at home, you are probably actually sick. I know so many folks who have been sick, are sick, or probably will be sick, this month. Warm hugs to all of you. As one who has made it to the other side of sick, you WILL feel better soon, just give it a few days. And some advil, and some tea, and a really good book, and a whole lot of sleeping.

As far as cabin fever goes, how come we decide in February that we need to repaint our entire house, or at least get some new slipcovers and pillows? Because we don't get out much. And we see the same stuff we have been looking at for months. Only the winter light plays tricks on us, and makes things look even worse than they actually are. Or maybe that's just me....

Okay, this may sound a little self serving, but I just need to tell you what my dear hubby said last night while he was doing dishes. I informed him we would just be having leftovers for dinner tonight (I made a giant pan of chicken lasagna earlier in the week) and he said " yes, but your leftovers are better than most people's firstovers." sigh. Guess that is how we have survived being together for so long! And he can be guaranteed that I will continue to cook dinner for at least another week.

Enjoy your weekend!

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