Saturday, February 23, 2008

February days

I often wonder how our bodies can handle the giant temperature swings of February. Based on the fact that nearly every family I know has had someone sick this month, I guess they can't! Here is hoping that March brings us a month of health for everyone. And we should have a "February is finally over, and we have made it through the worst of winter" party. Except for all of that snow we usually get in March. But hey, it will be warmer. Right????

The sun is shining today, and it is the first time I haven't felt chilled to the bone since the last time it was over 3o. The snow is even melting, and I would just love to find a spot in my house where the sun is streaming in and curl up like a cat for a nap.

But of course, weekend duties call. Like bathroom cleaning and floor scrubbing and laundry. Mike has been gone since Wednesday, and honestly, I kind of let things go when he is gone. Which is completely ironic, because he could care less if the house is clean when he IS here. I guess Charlie and I have just been so busy these last two few days that we haven't been here to notice. Mike is having a high time riding his dirt bike in Arkansas with some friends. They insist that it is really fun to ride through the woods and get muddy and cold. To each his own! I am just glad he got a chance to have a break-wonder if he will bring home any moonshine...

This is an incredibly boring post-sorry. Today, this is more of a diary entry than anything else. I will try to come up with something vastly more interesting next week.

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