Wednesday, December 7, 2011

you call THIS a holiday gift?

Now don't get me wrong, I believe in the spirit of giving, at all times of year, not just Christmas.
But some items that are being marketed as holiday gifts really set my teeth on edge.  (remember, I have been in bed for two days watching daytime television....)

Items that should NEVER be given as a gift:

1.  Rain gutters.  Even if the squirrels are wearing santa hats in the ad, DO NOT buy your loved one a rain gutter system.

2.  Vacuum cleaners.  While I adore my Oreck vacuum, I would literally cry if I received one for a Christmas present.  A vacuum is a necessary household tool, not a GIFT.

3. Teeth Whitening.  While I would like whiter teeth, please don't give me this as a present.  Personal improvement gifts that also fall in this category are foot sloughing products and hair dye.  Gentle reminders are not very well disguised as presents.

There are so many gift choices available now, you could literally do all of your shopping on Etsy alone!  So don't fall into any marketing traps that lead you to believe that ANYTHING is a good gift.  You all have a better heart than that.

And did you know Chia pets are still around?  In more varieties than ever. I do believe I need a White Elephant gift this year...

(Enough griping, I will get back to happy holiday postings tomorrow!  Thanks for indulging me...)


  1. I agree! Although, I might like a foot sloughing product. I saw a really nice one at Chocolate's Plus that I am coveting. :o)

  2. Oh,I absolutely love those Chia pets. I keep thinking that's what Austin will put under the tree! I agree, a vacuum is not a Christmas's a necessity.


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