Sunday, December 11, 2011

ode to the December mom

When the calender flips 
to the month of December
Most moms take a deep breath.

December is not just wrapping gifts.
December is coming up with the ideas,
Racking your brain for that perfect thought.
Shopping for those presents,
Sometimes standing in line,
Or checking out several stores.
Wrapping those presents,
Mailing those presents, 
to make sure they arrive in time
or delivering them to where they belong.

Teacher gifts
Caregiver gifts
Did you remember your mailman?

Is the school concert on the calendar?
Do the dress shoes still fit, 
or do you need another shopping trip?
Do the dress pants need to be hemmed?
Don't forget to charge the batteries in the camera.

It's snowing, where are those boots?
Do the snow pants still fit
and where the heck is that other mitten?
Of course I can make hot chocolate
when you come in from the cold
but the marshmallows may be a little stale.

Advent calendars (it's okay that it's December 5th)
and elves on shelves
that need to move each day
and of course don't forget to fill their shoes
on St. Nicholas Day.

Now where did I put the stockings?
And do I have enough to fill them?

Thank goodness I made a copy of the Santa letter
before he brought it to the mailbox
except he has already changed his mind,
can I still change that Amazon order?

The school needs treats for the bake sale
and could I fill in an extra volunteer day this month?

And what about those children
with December birthdays?
Do your best to make it perfect
so they don't feel neglected
in the hustle and bustle
and please don't use Santa paper
on their birthday present.

Our holiday card isn't done, 
we need a funny photo!
Shall I just print them at home?
Wait, not enough printer ink.
And the internet is down,
maybe they can be New Year's cards.

Forgot to pick up the holiday stamps, 
and where is my address book?
I don't have the Smith's new address, 
that card can wait until I get one from them.

And now the Christmas Eve menu
did I remember the cocktail weenies?
Does Target carry lefse?

What are we wearing for the big day?
Does last years red sweater still fit?

The cat is running low on meds, 
and the dog needs a walk 
and a teeth cleaning
and a new bag of food.

Where to get the tree this year?
What kind did we have
that wasn't our favorite
and where the heck is the stand
and HOW many lights are burnt out?

After working all day, 
stay merry and happy 
as you prepare dinner for your family
before you tackle the laundry
and head out for more gift shopping.

Now one of the kids has a fever
and the husband is feeling neglected
and your flex money in your health plan
needs to be spent by the end of the month.

Don't forget the work party
and Secret Santa in the office
and your mother-in-law
would like you to shop for her.

You find yourself flipping the calendar
to January
and dreaming of quieter days and nights
and a nice long nap.

To all of you moms everywhere, doing it ALL this month.  


(this was inspired by all of the moms in my life-YOU are a true gift to your family)


  1. Spot on and now I'm having an anxiety attack. How come real life doesn't pause when we're trying to do Christmas? As much as I love this season, I love January! :o)

  2. Oh gosh - I will never get my list done this month...


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