Friday, December 16, 2011

the holiday spirit

Since I work from home, I try to keep the house as cozy and stress free as possible. It can be tricky to separate business from home life, especially at this time of year, when I am fulfilling gift cards from the dining room table, receiving inventory for the store,  and finding hiding places for presents.

One way I do this is to throw splashes of holiday wherever I can, to remind me that the holiday is about being jolly, not stressed out.

Pulling out red and green that I already own in the kitchen:

Decorating my shipping area for my Etsy shop-it's been a busy December for bracelets!

Using things I already have to create a festive touch:

I found this edition of The Night Before Christmas a few years ago, it was the exact book we had growing up (that had long since been sold at a yard sale).  Love it!  There is a little mouse hiding in a shoe on the shelf next to it.

This is the one new holiday decoration I purchased this year, I found it at Gypsy Moon (one of my favorite local little stores).  Isn't it sweet?  I used to do paper cutting, but no longer have the patience (or eyesight) for it:

Some years I like to decorate the same spots as the year before, but usually I like to shake things up and see  what new ideas I come up with.  But some items always have to be in the same spot, or it just isn't Christmas-this little stocking has hung in the same spot for almost 20 Christmases:

How do you like to decorate?  Is your tree up yet?


  1. Kristi, you have an amazing gift for decorating! Must be why you're so good at jewelry design, too. I love the "thrown together" look of your decorations, which I could never achieve. I'd try to make them look casual and cute, but they would end up looking cluttered and messy. Seriously, it takes talent to put things together well. I'm impressed!

    Also, yea! that you're Etsy business seems to going so well!

  2. I faintly remember that Christmas book, if you see another one somewhere I should probably have a copy! I LOVE the Gypsy Moon print. Wish I could be there to see it ALL!

  3. I have the same version of The Night before Christmas. It's lining my stairs right now with the other Christmas books! I love the new print you bought, too.

    So fun to see a glimpse of your decorations.


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