Wednesday, December 21, 2011

house full of memories

Since the holiday season isn't busy enough, we have recently started house hunting.


Yes, I have said this was the house we were never leaving, remember when we spent weeks last fall painting the exterior and reglazing and painting almost all of the 252 panes of glass in our house?  A labor of love for our little house, that we were spending the rest of our lives in.  (here it is prior to the big paint make over):

But suddenly, we have decided it is time, as our 'starter house' is no longer suited for our lifestyle, so we have begun the search.  A very good friend is a realtor, so he has been helping us dig up potential sites.

Some days I think we may have lost our minds, as I can't even begin to imagine packing up our twenty years of living.  And getting this house ready to sell.  And dealing with all that a move would involve.  Leaving behind our neighborhood, where the little grocery store is just a short walk away, and we can walk to The Nook for a burger and beer.

But the other part of me, that has always dreamed of a bigger kitchen, a room just for my Etsy creating, a porch, and a big back yard, is nearly giddy with excitement.  It's a great time to buy a house, not a great time to sell one.  So we will see what the next few months will bring.

I sit on my couch, in the early morning hours before the rest of the house has awakened, and think of all the memories secured in these walls.  The first day we owned it, painting walls as our realtor delivered champagne. The moving in party we had with all of our friends, who generously gave of their time and trucks to help us start our new life.  The dinner parties we have had over the years, or parties celebrating engagements, baby showers, anniversaries.  The family celebrations for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  Bringing Charlie home from the hospital, listening to his first steps echo on the wood floors.  The sounds of our neighborhood drifting through the window screens on a warm summer night.  The many dinners in our backyard, planting new flowers in the window boxes every year, bringing in the Christmas tree and enjoying it's warm glow on cold winter nights.

How can I possibly leave that all behind?
This just might do it....

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  1. Oh my word...mixed emotions. Your little house is so charming and the idea of moving... ugh. But, how fun to find a larger home with room for your hobbies. I'm both sad & excited! I wish you well. :o)


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